The Silver Price Disconnect and United States Debt

In this article posted by, you should get an idea about how the United States Global Debt is affecting the monetary system and commodity values around the world. The silver price disconnect needs to be dealt with.

Look at the ties between wars, welfare and printed currencies


US Debt vs Silver Price Disconnect Has To Be Resolved

United States Debt and WarLook at our financial world over 30 years from 30 miles high – the BIG PERSPECTIVE.

  • Global debt exceeds $200 Trillion and is increasing rapidly. It will not be repaid at current value, and in the unlikely chance it is repaid, those future dollars, euros, yen, whatever will have been deeply devalued. Debt created to fund current consumption, instead of productive investment, is dangerous. Excessive debt is deadly.
  • Global spending on war, militaries, invasions, weapons and so much more is huge. Net productive investment and value produced from those expenditures is effectively zero. Worse, wars are fought with borrowed “money” and the increased debt demands additional future revenue allocations to pay interest. Our future will be more and more debt.
  • The war cycles are accelerating. War creates more debt, more commodity inflation, less personal freedom, and more profits for bankers and the military-industrial complex. War will become more common and far more costly.
  • The process is simple – generate more warfare and welfare, more debt, more printed currencies, higher prices, more propaganda telling the populace that war is necessary, and repeat. It works, so don’t expect change.

Gary Christenson | The Deviant Investor

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I have been watching silver and gold prices for some time now and I am trying to link what is going on now and what has gone on in the past years with regards to the United States Silver price disconnect. It is looking like we are pulling on the rubber bands of a giant rubber band gun and watching to see if it snaps back on us.

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