Why Not To Buy Silver

Why Not To Buy Silver

If you’re thinking about buying silver in this current market you may want to consider the reasons for your investment. I believe there’s a good chance prices silver is going to go lower with the strengthening dollar. But we are definitely at the low end of the silver spot price scale.

Silver and gold spot prices are somewhat stagnant as you can see from the precious metal price movements lately. Canadian silver prices are running about the same course as the US silver prices.

If you are looking for an investment that is going to grow in value fast, you may want to look somewhere besides the silver market at this time.

The Best Silver Investment

People who buy silver coins for future security have the right idea. If you fall into this category you should keep adding to your stack as long as the prices are hovering at the low spot prices.

Why to buy silver or why not to buy silver is a question that silver investors have to work out for themselves. It looks like time is on your side if you are building a stack for your security. You will want to keep on stacking silver while the silver spot price is at the lower end of the scale.

I don’t expect a major jump in silver spot prices for quite some time.


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