Silver Will Hit Bottom

I don’t think we have seen the bottom in the silver market yet. There is just enough movement in the price of silver to keep the market interesting and money flowing.

Some of the big players in the silver market may be playing with the price of the precious metal in an attempt to keep it popping up and dropping down. If the smaller investors try to outsmart the market and cash in on the silver price cycles, they will probably end up paying a price for playing in this game.

Silver Will Hit Bottom

Today’s silver market is beginning to feel like a game of hot potato! You know you want to have some, but you don’t have any idea when silver will hit bottom. I know if you jump too soon it will cost you and if you get and too late it’s going to cost you. I would say you need to keep an ear to the ground for the clues you need to make a decision.

Some people believe that an opportunity is developing in the silver market for investors that can hold onto their investment for several years. Silver is showing solid fundamentals but there is a real lack of interest in this metal market at this time.

Silver Will Hit Bottom

Buy Silver

Silver will hit bottom in the near future and then start the climb. I am sure you will see corrections in the range of 20% to 30% as the price works it way up. If prices go as predicted, the highly leveraged silver companies may see gains above 1000% as the price of silver works it’s way up.

This summer the silver and gold markets have been pretty quiet in contrast to the rise and fall in metal prices in the last 36 months. If you are thinking bout making a move and buying into the silver market for future gains, this is the right kind of market to slide into. The time to get into the market is when there is a lot of precious metal being offered at low prices.

When you think about it , you may want to sit back and watch for the bottom to get a little more solid. Keep your eye open news that leads you to believe there is going to be a surge in demand. Make your move to buy silver if you get the idea that a shortage of metal is developing in the markets.
This is a good time keep the money on the sidelines so you can jump in if you need that feeling that things could turn around in the silver market.

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