Silver Opportunity

There’s a lot of speculation going around the Silver is on the downhill slide. I seem predictions in the $12 range for Troy ounce of silver bullion. Like this downward trend is going to carry over into the first quarter of 2015.

Silver Slide Could Bounce

But on the other side of the silver coin, there is speculation that the price of silver is going to skyrocketing toward the end of the first quarter of 2016.

If this turns out be true it’s going to be hard to sit on your hands and not jump in before this market bottoms out. If you’ve get some money put away to invest you might want to consider burying it somewheres with little bit less accessible for the next month so you don’t jump the gun before the silver market settles.

Substantial Rewards In Silver

If this comes about is going to be a good chance for people to make substantial rewards in the silver market for a change. Think about it like just about any other investment you make your money when you’re buying, not when you’re selling.

$12 Silver

You might want to think about going a little bit light on your Christmas spending this year so you can save up for the $12 silver by if or when it comes around. You can buy yourself a seat on the silver express if my fictions are correct.

Investing in silver is not a buy and hold proposition is a lot of people seem to believe. Actually you should stock of prices down. The problem with this type of investing is that the cycles in silver tend to be long cycles.

It’s really hard to invest in the short silver cycles, because the premiums you end up paying on silver coins and silver bullion have a tendency to eat up all the profit.

My hope is that we can get into silver at the low end of the scale this time and hold on to the rising prices just like riding an escalator at the mall.Just control urge to invest in the precious metals as you let the price of silver dropped to $12 an ounce, then jump on that much as you can and don’t worry about it for a while!



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