Silver Prices Shifting Down

Silver Spot Price

It looks like Silver prices are going underwater again today, and then there was a slight recovery that got the spot silver price back to the $14.50 range.

The way the stock market is going, I think there might be a good chance that investors will try to diversify their stock positions by investing in silver.

As a matter of fact, I believe anyone that is getting nervous in the stock market at this time should consider optimizing their investment strategy to include pure silver coins or bullion bars.

Stocks are in the green for now, but it looks to me like the foundations is little bit shaky for my tastes. I believe the time is come to park some of that investment capital on the sidelines. I would definitely be looking at pure silver coins or fine silver bullion. Silver prices are looking pretty good to me now and I would really consider storing extra cash in silver now.

Silver Or Gold

At this time I would choose silver over gold because I think it will be much easier to trade silver coins if I needed to raise cash in a hurry. Silver prices are low now that makes this a good time to stack silver to diversify your wealth holdings. If this deflationary cycle comes to an end and commodity prices start going up again your Silver investments may be a lifesaver you need to keep you going under.

Silver PricesAnother thing you may want to think about is sitting on junk silver coins. Anytime you find silver prices as low as they are today you should probably think about stashing some silver coins for the future. If you never find a use for them, you can always give away for Christmas presents down the road. I will anybody that would be happy to get a handful of silver quarters as a Christmas or birthday present.

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