Silver Rounds vs Silver Eagles

Silver Rounds versus American Silver Eagle Coins. You need to take several points into consideration when you’re trying to decide whether to buy Silver Rounds or American Silver Eagle coins. This isn’t always an easy decision, but it is a decision that you will need to make before you begin making your silver coin investments.

Silver Eagle CoinsIt’s important to remember that Silver is a precious commodity. Silver has real value and will hold it’s value whether it is cast into ingots, rounds or Silver Eagle Coins. In the past the value of silver bullion in rounds and American Silver Eagle Coins was relatively close to each other. Now the US Minted Silver Eagle Coins cost $1 to $2 more then another standard bullion coins.

Each Silver Eagle coin contains one ounce .999 fine silver bullion and carries a symbolic $1 face value. The one-dollar face value makes Silver Eagles “silver dollars.” In the coin industry, however, “silver dollars” refer to old silver dollars minted 1878-1904 and 1921-1935.

Further, the Silver Eagles’ one-dollar face value officially makes American Silver Eagles legal tender. Because the law that permits the U.S. Mint to turn out Silver Eagles classifies them  as numismatic coins, the Mint is allowed to sell Silver Eagles at prices above the one-dollar face value.

At times you can find back dated American Silver Eagle coins with a marked down premium price. When you are shopping for Silver Eagles is a good idea to ask if there are any back dated coins available at a lower premium.

If you are buying coins for the silver content alone you may want t look at other bullion rounds. You’ll find lower premiums on most other silver bullion rounds on the market today.

If you are purchasing silver coins for survival you will what coins that are easily recognizable. These rounds should be printed in English with their weight and content stamped right on them. The American Silver Eagle coins make a good fit for anyone’s survival funds.

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